बड़ी खबर.....अब बैंक से निकाले जा सकेंगे ज्यादा पैसे

नई दिल्ली -बैंकों से पैसे निकालते समय एक सीमा को निर्धारण करते हुए आरबीआई ने जो निर्देश दिया था उसमे ढील देते हुए निर्देश दिया गया है कि बैंकों में उपलब्ध 2000 और 500 के नोटों को ग्राहकों को दिया जाए। आरबीआई ने यह निर्देश इस बात को ध्यान में रखते हुए दिया है कि कुछ लोग अपना पैसा केवल इसलिए नहीं जमा कर रहे हैं कि उन्हें अपना ही पैसा निकालने के लिए दिक्कत न हो ।

Toggle navigation Home Notifications Notifications (24 kb) Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit accounts - Relaxation RBI/2016-17/163 DCM.No.1437/10.27.00/2016-17 November 28, 2016 The Chairman / Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Public Sector Banks/ Private Sector Banks / Foreign Banks / Regional Rural Banks / Urban Cooperative Banks/ State Cooperative Banks/ District Central Cooperative Banks Dear Sir, Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit accounts - Relaxation It has been reported that certain depositors are hesitating to deposit their monies into bank accounts in view of the current limits on cash withdrawals from accounts. 2. As it is impeding active circulation of currency notes, it has been decided, on careful consideration, to allow withdrawals of deposits made in current legal tender notes on or after November 29, 2016 beyond the current limits; preferably, available higher denominations bank notes of ₹ 2000 and ₹ 500 are to be issued for such withdrawals. Yours faithfully, (P Vijaya Kumar) Chief General Manager

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