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New year celebration in mumbai and Delhi at Halloween

New year celebration in mumbai and Delhi at Halloween

New year celebration

Has Bollywood made Halloween and New Year Eve join the list of Hoil and Diwali?

With new years around the corner, everyone wants to know - Where's the party. We Indians are clearly born party freaks. We reak for festivities, celebrations, and parties.

Since of late it seems that our traditional festivals are not enough anymore. Mumbai and Delhi experienced the biggest Halloween celebration this year. Pubs in the two major cities were dressed up in Halloween costumes and makeup, and the ones that weren't will not miss the festivity next year. Talking to Leading chains revealed that 31st October was more than just another Thursday. The footfall was recorded at a 45% hike than usual weekdays and almost as much as a weekend or bank holiday.

Unlike 31st October, 31st December celebrations have had its roots in Tier 2 cities as well for quite some time.  Indore,  Durgapur, and Pune will rage with the same energy for a few hours between 31 December and 1st January. The 31st-night parties have grown from just musical get-togethers and liquor in the Luggage Dicky. Disco themes, Costumes, Resolutions, Extravagant orchestras, are now an integral part of this auspicious day in all cities.

Event companies and pubs are elevating the standards. Smaller companies are identifying the lack of supply and venturing in. Manish owns GUERILLA SOCIAL a Surat-based startup that has ventured in and planned to beat the unlimited booze and food at other places with Laser & psychedelic lights accompanied by Russian dancers. There are others as well who are pushing for similar Goa and Irish themes.

Clearly, Halloween was a rage in Metros, but thanks to social media, Bipasha Basu and hubby Karan Singh Grover, and many the Bollywood couples reached households like that of Manish and have encouraged then to give it a shot for 31st Night parties.

What's interesting is that despite the major increase in celebrations during Halloween there were no major reportings of violence during the celebrations, which is a relief. What's left to see, how will the last day of the year surprise us? 


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