The Current Landscape of Women Entrepreneurship

Prof. (Dr.) Yogita Sharma Professor, School of Management and Commerce, Manav Rachna University Faridabad
Women entrepreneurship has beheld a noteworthy advancement graph in past few years,

which contributes substantially not only in India but globally in economic development. The
quantum of business generation worldwide by women has been substantial since 2020, across
industries such as academics, retail, healthcare and professional services specifically in terms
of innovative capabilities. Where the trends in case of male entrepreneurs are displays in
sectors of manufacturing and technology which is more a positive indication as more or less
lot of areas are covered by either of them.

Women entrepreneurs have been progressing despite the challenges that can encumber their
success, where prominently the obstacle encountered by them counts to be finances. At times
the investors aren’t consciously aware of the biases they carry. There by resulting in delayed
expansion as a consequence of constraints in financial resources. As per data released by the
Boston Consulting Group, there has been differentiation in males v/s female entrepreneurs,
the earlier one is receiving 53% of more investment as compared to their female counterparts

If we look at the other side of the coin, there have been fundamental opportunities for women
entrepreneurs especially in countries like India. This surge in businesses led by women is
buoyed by factors like Digital transformation, government schemes like Stand-Up India
where they can avail loans and programs like Start-up India, which nurtures a positive
environment for start-ups in terms of grants, incubation facilities and mentoring programs.
The narrative of female creating a balance between their personal and professional life is age

There has always been a question posed to women where this has become a critical issue.
Women often juggle between the two of them, business responsibilities with family
obligations, resulting in burnout and slowing business growth that always crafts a realistic but
gloomy picture.

Societal norms acting as icing on the cake, in many regions additionally curb
womens entrepreneurial activities, restricting them from pursuing their ventures.
Modern Academic landscape has painstakingly evolved to compensate the laggings of
societal norms and patriarchal shackles which to the detriment of society as a whole has
impeded feminine expression.

Women entrepreneurs play a vital role in societal change, often
reinvesting their efforts into their families and communities, which improve health, education
leading to holistic overall welfare. This multiplier effect contributes to sustainable

Prof. (Dr.) Yogita Sharma
Professor, School of Management and Commerce,
Manav Rachna University Faridabad

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