“Sikhi Meri Pehchan” Foundation was launched.

Sikh foundation day
 Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow। “Sikhi Meri Pehchan” Foundation was launched on 10 September 2023 at Gurudwara, Alambagh. Many respected people and media people of the city participated in this program, including Sant Baba Mahinder Singh, Sardar Jasbir Singh (President Indian Sikh Organization), Sardar Parvinder Singh, Sardar Nirmal Singh (President Alambagh Gurdwara), Sardar Ranveer Kalsi, Sardar Surinder Pal. Singh Bakshi, Sardar Surinder Pal Ghai, Sardar Gurpreet Singh, Sardar Nirvair Singh, Sardar Mandeep Malhotra and Rajinder Singh Dua were prominent. The chief guest of the program was the Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Brijesh Pathak.

Sikh foundation day

During the launch of the Foundation, guests were welcomed and introduced. The “Logo” of the Foundation was unveiled and the visiting guests were also honored by the Founders of the Foundation. In his address, the Honorable Deputy Chief Minister also appreciated the “Sikhi Meri Pehchan” Foundation Founder Dilpreet Singh “DP” and his initiative. of

In his address to the Foundation, Founder Dilpreet Singh “DP” Ji said that our mission at “Sikhi Meri Pehchan” is to preserve, promote and empower the youth of the glorious Sikh history.

The program ended with the ardas of “Sikhi Meri Pehchan” by the Gurudwara. All the people present at the program praised the objective and establishment of the Foundation.

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