One day National workshop conducted to enhance awareness for cyber hygiene among medical professionals

Cyber hygiene in medical profressional

Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow। The healthcare industry has witnessed significant digital transformation
in recent years, leading to enhanced patient care and improved operational efficiencies. However, along with these advancements,
medical professionals now face new and emerging cyber challenges that require proactive measures to protect sensitive patient data and ensure the integrity of critical healthcare systems. In response to the evolving threat landscape, it is important to promote cyber hygiene for
medical professionals.

Cyber hygiene in medical professionals

By raising awareness and providing practical
guidance, empowering healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and
tools has become mandatory to safeguard patient information and
maintain the trust of their communities. Cyber threats in the healthcare
sector have become increasingly sophisticated and targeted, with
hackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and networks. It is
imperative that medical professionals adopt a proactive approach to
cyber hygiene to mitigate risks and protect the confidentiality, integrity,
and availability of patient data.
With this backdrop, the Department of Forensic Medicine and
Toxicology, Dr. RMLIMS, Lucknow in collaboration with the DIKE
Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program on Cyber Hygiene
for medical professionals: tackling the emerging cyber challenge
on 24 TH JUNE 2023 from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM at, Dr. RMLIMS,
The program began with paper presentation followed by an inaugural
session & welcome note by DEPARTMENT OF FORENSIC
MEDICINE AND TOXICOLOGY which was followed by the lamp
lighting ceremony & invocation of the Goddess of Knowledge,
Saraswati thereby setting the backdrop for the program.
It was followed by the address from the guests of the inaugural
session, Chief Guest Prof. Sonia Nityanand, Director, Dr.
RMLIMS, Guest of honour Prof. Nuzhat Hussain, Dean, Dr.
RMLIMS, Dr. (Prof.) Deepak Malviya HOD of Anaesthesiology
& Critical Care Unit, Dr. RMLIMS & Prof. Ajai Kumar Singh,
CMS, Dr. RMLIMS. The knowledge partner Mr. Aditya Saini
founder & CEO, DIA, deliberated explicitly on understanding cyber
threats in health care and related case studies.
To increase the awareness among the medical professionals about the
importance of cyber hygiene practices in safeguarding patient data
Team DIA further enlightened on Cyber Hygiene best practices for
medical professionals. Emphasizing the critical role of regularly
updating software, operating systems, and medical devices to address
known vulnerabilities and ensure optimal security. And also
highlighting best practices for securing mobile devices, including the
use of encryption, strong passcodes, and the avoidance of unsecured
Wi-Fi networks.
The most unique challenge for incident responders in health care is
small margin of error. Keeping this in mind the Patrons talked about
examining and integrating Next Generation technologies, such as
artificial intelligence and improved monitoring capabilities. Which
could lighten the load of incident response staff through automated
response and orchestration. And therein we had a hands on training
session on cyber and digital forensics.
Experts of the program conducted an open house session to resolve
the queries of the audience & to provide them a deeper understanding
of the topic.
Dr. Richa Choudhary, Professor & Head, Department of Forensic
Medicine & Toxicology, Dr. RMLIMS delivered the closing address
marking the end of the CME program, by pioneering the need to be
well resourced in cyber security in healthcare.
The CME program was attended by a wide spectrum of delegates
from across the field of Forensic Medicine & Forensic Science.
Hospital Administrators, Clinicians, Nurses & Students studying
under these domains were the principal participants in this odyssey.
The CME program also had a poster presentation closely knit with the
scientific session wherein delegates participated enthusiastically as
per the themes prescribed.
The CME program was instrumented through the endeavors of the
Organizing Secretary, Dr. Richa Choudhary, Professor & Head,
Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Dr. RMLIMS &
 Anurag Nain (Jr. Forensic Expert, Gr. 01), Dike Intelligence
Agency. The program highlighted to provide participants with
awareness & practical guidance and best practices for cyber hygiene,
developing practical skills through hands on exercises, simulations
and case studies

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