SHEF launches UP’s first AFS India chapter in Lucknow

Study hall foundation

Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow: The Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) inaugurated the AFS India Lucknow Chapter on October 13, 2023, marking a momentous step towards fostering intercultural learning and global understanding in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. AFS, a renowned international non-profit organization committed to providing intercultural learning opportunities, aims to cultivate global peace and harmony. As the first chapter in the state, it paves the way for children from marginalized communities by providing them with cultural exchange opportunities.
The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including Jayant Krishna, Board Member, who commended SHEF's efforts.  Krishna also said, “We are proud to launch the first chapter in Uttar Pradesh. SHEF's empowering initiatives for girls have transformed lives. Together, the Lucknow chapter will enable opportunities for young girls, enabling them to reach new heights and challenge societal norms and become leaders.

Study hall foundation
Dr. Uravshi Sahni, founder said, “We are excited to be the part of Lucknow Chapter, as this is the first AFS India chapter in UP, we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership. SHEF with support from AFS India is set to offer exposure and numerous opportunities to students across Uttar Pradesh, and inspiring these young changemakers to build a more equitable and egalitarian society.”
Diya Badgel, National Director of AFS India, took attendees on a captivating journey through AFS's illustrious history. She also said, “AFS is dedicated to shaping future leaders through cultural exchange and educational programs, and our aim is to foster a more interconnected and harmonious world. We are fortunate to have SHEF as our partner in this new journey.”

Study hall foun dation
Two inspiring alumnae, Simran Verma from Prerna Girls School and Kashish Yadav from Study Hall School, shared their transformative experiences in the KL-YES Program. Hailing from marginalized communities and confronting formidable societal challenges, these young women overcame obstacles to become pioneers,

Study hall foundation

setting an inspiring example for others. Their journeys serve as a testament to the power of intercultural learning in breaking barriers and making a significant difference. The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks.

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