The girls in STEM under DST sponsored "Vigyan Jyoti" program interacted with Team CDRI in an Awareness Program on AI, Climate and Health*

Vigyan jyoti

 *CSIR-CDRI stepped out to JNV, Piparsand to edify the Vigyan Jyoti, the girls in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)*

 Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow। The CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in Lucknow stepped out to conduct an enlightening outreach program at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Piparsand Lucknow, under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India's esteemed project for the Girls in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) named "Vigyan Jyoti.

Vigyan jyoti

" This program was aimed to empower young girls with knowledge of artificial intelligence, climate emergency awareness, and menstrual hygiene, fostering their growth and education along with act as a young ambassador to spread the light of science and knowledge to the society.
The event commenced with a warm welcome from the School's Principal,  Sadhna Shukla who expressed gratitude to the CDRI team for their invaluable initiative. 

CSIR-CDRI donated a Climate Clock and briefed about Climate Emergency Awareness
Under the initiative of Energy Swaraj Foundation and CSIR for spreading the awareness towards Climate change, Dr. Sanjeev Yadav, Senior Scientist CDRI, handover the Climate Clock to the school. He delved into the intricacies of the climate clock, explaining its significance and relevance in the current climate emergency. He urged the students to complete the Energy Literacy training so that they can act smartly to tackle this very important assignment which is levied on us due to adverse change in climate. He said this is the need of hour that we have to act in time (#ActInTime).

How the Artificial Intelligence will help them to achieve their goals?

In the next and very informative session on Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Shubham R. Londhe, Senior Software engineer and an expert of Artificial Intelligence briefed about the pros and cons of AI. He highlighted how AI can empower students and pave the way for promising careers in various field. The session captivated the audience with insights into the vast potential AI offers in various sectors particularly shaping their career and helping in their studies.

The girls of Vigyan Jyoti were informed about Menstrual Hygiene and its importance
The third segment of this awareness program which was a crucial segment of the program, was dedicated to educating girls about menstrual hygiene. This initiative aimed to spread awareness and promote healthy practices among young girls, fostering an environment of understanding and support. A group of research scholars lead by Ms. Anamika Kumari and Ms. Shruti Sethi, students of Dr. Rajender Singh from the Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology Lab of CSIR-CDRI passionately educated the girls on the importance of menstrual hygiene, dispelling myths and misconceptions that often surround this essential aspect of women's health. With a comprehensive and informative approach, the scholars aimed to empower the girls with accurate and reliable knowledge, fostering a culture of openness and understanding.

During the session, the students actively engaged with the scholars, asking questions and seeking clarifications on various aspects of menstrual hygiene. The interactive nature of the session ensured that the girls received personalized guidance and were able to dispel any lingering doubts.

Hariom, the program coordinator from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Piparsand, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the impactful session. He emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts between educational institutions and research organizations to enrich students' learning experiences.

The event was a perfect blend of education, technology, and social awareness, aligning with CDRI's commitment to fostering holistic growth among students and raising environmental consciousness.

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