Third foundation day celebration, including Yoga 

Ashish yoga institute
On the third foundation day of Divya Ashish Yoga Institute in Lucknow, various programs were organized. Mr. Anil Yadav, former director and state project coordinator of Indira Gandhi Planetarium, council of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh, was the chief guest on this occasion. In addition to him, scientific officers of the CSTUP, Mr. Sumit Kumar Shrivastav and Joint Director Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gangwar, were also present. Financial analyst Mr. Swapnil Rastogi from Lucknow participated in the event as a judge.

The institute organized several competitions during the third foundation day celebration, including Yoga Quiz, Yoga Dance, Yoga Couple Dance, Yoga Speech, and Yoga Debate. Many yoga enthusiasts, in addition to the institute's trainee students, attended the event.

During the program, the institute's directors Mr. Ashish and Mr. Ashutosh, along with Mohammad Umar, Divya Pandey, program coordinator Shahgufa Tabassum, Manjari Dr. Santosh Kumar (Treasurer, Divya Ashish Yoga Institute), supervisor Mrs. Laxmi Devi, advocate Vivek Kumar Pandey, program director Suraj Rai, and attendees from Etawah, Brij Kumar Verma, Rajiv Kumar Dhangar, and advocate Aniruddh Singh were present.

In the Yoga Quiz competition, the first prize was won by Aparajita Sharma, followed by Nitin Maurya as the second winner, and Sakshi Varma and Raunak Sonakar as the third winners.

In the Yoga Asana competition for the 36 to 55 age group, Priya Gupta secured the first position, followed by Ritu Garg in second place, and Aparajita Sharma in third place.

In the Yoga Asana competition for the 20 to 35 age group, Sakshi Gupta claimed the first position, followed by Sakshi Varma in second place, and Shilpi Gupta in third place.

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