UNESCO Features Aman Kumar of Baghpat in Global Youth Community

Aman kumar
 Uttar Pradesh: In a momentous development, Aman Kumar, hailing from the vibrant village of Tyodhi in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, has been prominently featured in the esteemed Global Youth Community of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Aman’s extraordinary contributions to youth empowerment and community development in the Indian context have earned him this prestigious recognition.

As a member of UNESCO’s Global Youth Community (GYC), Aman will take up the responsibility of representing the aspirations and concerns of Indian youth on a global platform, amplifying their voices and championing their causes. This exceptional opportunity serves as a testament to Aman’s unwavering dedication and relentless efforts.

Aman currently holds the position of President at Udaan Youth Club Tyodhi, an esteemed organization affiliated with Vigyan Prasar and Nehru Yuva Kendra Baghpat. His involvement in these esteemed institutions has equipped him with invaluable experiences, which he is eager to share with youth from diverse nations within the GYC framework.

Expressing his pride in attracting international recognition for his work, Aman emphasized his commitment to diligently promoting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. His inclusion in the panel of 150 innovation specialists by the Finnish organization, Hundred, further highlights his remarkable accomplishments.

UNESCO’s acknowledgment of Aman Kumar showcases the profound impact and unwavering dedication of talented young individuals like him in shaping a brighter future for the youth of India. Aman’s journey is an inspiration to his community and serves as a powerful representation of the dreams and aspirations of millions of young Indians on the global stage.

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