A seven-day online workshop is organised by the Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow 

A seven-day online workshop is organised by the Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow 
A seven-day online workshop is organised by the Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh desk Lucknow (R L Pandey).A seven-day online workshop is organised by the Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow entitled “Snehashish” for the preparation of students applying for the UGC-NET/ JRF examination. The inauguration ceremony of the workshop was held on 23rd May 2024. 

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Hansika Singhal, which was then trailed by Saraswati Vandana and lighting of the lamp. It was followed by highlighting the significance of the UGC NET exam and the role of this workshop in supporting the aspirants. After that, Dr. Hansika Singhal introduced the dignitaries, Prof. Arvind Awasthi (Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean Faculty of Arts), Prof. Sangeeta Sahu (Dean Students’ Welfare), Dr. Archana Shukla, Head, Department of Psychology and the expert speakers who will be guiding participants throughout the workshop.

Prof. Arvind Awasthi encouraged the students with some words of wisdom. He quoted that “डिग्रियां तो तालीम के खर्चों की रसीदें हैं…इल्म तो वह है जो किरदार में झलकता है” He talked about the minute difference between getting a degree and being educated. He also gave his blessings to the participants. Furthermore, Prof. Sangeeta Sahu also blessed the students for their career and wished them best of luck for the success in the examination. She emphasized the importance of guidance and a good mentorship in academic endeavours. Both of the guests congratulated the department for taking such an initiative for the welfare of students.

The Head of the Department, Dr. Archana Shukla briefed everyone about the workshop and encouraged the students with some words of motivation. She then requested the expert speakers to introduce themselves to the participants. They also shared their opinions about the workshop. A vote of thanks was extended to the guests by Dr. Megha Singh and a formal group photograph was also captured to commemorate the event.

In conclusion, the inaugural ceremony of the “Snehashish” set the stage for a week-long intensive learning experience. With a blend of expert instruction and interactive sessions, the program promises to empower participants with the confidence and skills to excel in the NET exam. As the workshop progresses, we look forward to witnessing the participants’ growth and their journey towards achieving their academic aspirations. 

As the inauguration ceremony concluded, the speaker for the first session, Dr. Archana Vashishtha, Subject expert, Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow was invited to take her lecture on “Psychological Testing”. She started her session by introducing Psychological Tests, and how these tests are meticulously designed to measure various aspects of human behaviour, cognition, and personality. Further, she talked about the construction and standardization of those tests and explained the importance of reliability and validity in testing. At the end of the session, the students asked some queries and Ma’am elegantly clarified all of them. 

The second session of the workshop focused on the topic “Forgetting, Memory -Stages and Processes, Attention”. The speaker for this session was Dr. Megha Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. During the session, she discussed the concept of attention focusing on selecting certain stimuli from among many and focusing cognitive resources on those selected ones. She discussed various types and theories of attention. Filter, Capacity and Attentional processes were the major theories discussed by her. Additionally, she talked about how memory is encoded, managed, and retrieved. All the queries regarding this topic were also resolved by her. 
Both the sessions ended with a vote of thanks. The speakers were honoured with a certificate of appreciation by Dr. Archana Shukla, Head of the Department, University of Lucknow, Lucknow.

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