CSIR-CDRI Celebrated World Intellectual Property Day, 2024 with Enlightening Event

CSIR-CDRI Celebrated World Intellectual Property Day, 2024 with Enlightening Event
CSIR-CDRI Celebrated World Intellectual Property Day, 2024 with Enlightening Event
Uttar Pradesh desk Lucknow ( R L Pandey )। The CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow celebrated World Intellectual Property Day, 2024 by organizing a program on Intellectual Property Rights. The agenda of the program was " Intellectual Property Protection: Specification Drafting & Negotiations with the examiner”.  The event was held at the CSIR-CDRI auditorium. In addition to and scientists & research students from CSIR-CDRI, scientists from CSIR-CMAP & CSIR-IITR had attended the program.  The program featured presentations by two speakers, Dr. Lipika Patnaik, CSIR-IPU New Delhi and Mrs. Sweta Rajkumar, Deputy Controller –Indian Patent Office, New-Delhi. 
Coordinator of program Dr. Sripathi Rao Kulkarni (Principal Scientist & Coordinator IP & ISTAG at CSIR- CDRI) provided an insightful introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, emphasizing the importance of protecting innovations for national development. 
Director of CSIR-CDRI, Dr. Radha Rangarajan, extended a warm welcome to the speakers and highlighted the pivotal role of scientists in translating inventions for economic growth. Dr. Rangarajan further emphasized the significance of IPR in recognizing and safeguarding innovations, ultimately contributing to human welfare and industrial advancement.
Dr. Lipika Patnaik delivered a comprehensive session elucidating the fundamentals of patents, dissecting the various components of patent specifications, and imparting essential techniques for drafting effective claims. She delved into critical aspects such as crafting the title of invention, summarizing the invention's field, and outlining essential points for patent applications.
Continuing the discourse, Mrs. Sweta Rajkumar presented illuminating case studies, addressing common objections raised during examinations and emphasizing the importance of clarity and specificity in patent claims. Her insights provided attendees with valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of patent applications.
The program provided a platform for students and researchers to gain deeper understanding of the patenting process, including filing procedures, required documents, and key stages of patent applications.
Dr. Kulkarni expressed his gratitude to the speakers and participants for their active engagement, underscoring the institute's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and intellectual property protection.

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