India's Historic Polki Jewellery Manufacturers Embrace D2C Trend

India's Historic Polki Jewellery Manufacturers Embrace D2C Trend
Uttar Pradesh desk Lucknow (R L Pandey) - Jadaav Jewels, Jaipur’s largest Polki Jewellery manufacturing unit, renowned for its exquisite Jadau jewellery dating back to the 1800s, proudly announces its entry into the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) space with the launch of its inaugural store in Lucknow.

With a rich heritage spanning centuries, Jadaav Jewels is embracing the modern era by expanding its presence beyond traditional retail avenues. The brand's commitment to preserving and innovating upon its legacy is evident in this strategic move towards a digital-first approach.

 Pankaj Kadel, Director of Jadaav Jewels, stated, "We are thrilled to unveil our online store alongside retail outlets across India, starting with Lucknow as our inaugural destination. This expansion aligns with our mission to make our exquisite Polki Jewellery accessible to a wider audience, while staying true to our heritage and craftsmanship."

In a time when gold prices are soaring, Jadaav Jewels emerges as a beacon for brides-to-be and fine jewellery connoisseurs alike. The brand's offerings not only exude timeless elegance but also uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

"At Jadaav Jewels, we take pride in being innovators and custodians of an ancient legacy," said Mr. Kadel. "Our expertise in crafting all kinds of Fine Jewellery, specializing in Jadau Jewellery since the 1800s, has been passed down through generations of the Soni family. With our roots firmly planted in Jaipur, the Pink City, our designs are a testament to the enduring romance between Jaipur and Jadaav."

Jadaav Jewels sets itself apart with several key differentiators:

- IGI Certified uncut diamonds ensure authenticity and quality.
- Hallmarked gold jewellery guarantees purity and trust.
- Free and insured shipping pan India ensures a seamless shopping experience.
- A fair price policy reflects the brand's commitment to transparency and integrity.
- Secure payments provide customers with peace of mind when making transactions.
As Jadaav Jewels embarks on this new chapter, it invites customers to experience the epitome of luxury and heritage in every piece of jewellery.

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