University of Lucknow Hosts Successful "Transforming Trash Into Treasure" Competition

University of Lucknow Hosts Successful "Transforming Trash Into Treasure" Competition
University of Lucknow Hosts Successful "Transforming Trash Into Treasure" Competition
Uttar Pradesh desk Lucknow ( R L Pandey )। The University of Lucknow's Counselling and Guidance Cell, in collaboration with Happy Thinking Lab, proudly hosted the "Transforming Trash Into Treasure" competition on ocassion of world Earth day showcasing the innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability among its students.

Under the esteemed leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Alok Kumar Rai, Dr. Vaishali Saxena, Director of the Counselling and Guidance Cell, and Prof. M. Priyadarshini, Director of Happy Thinking Laboratory, the event brought together students, educators, and NGO representatives for a day of creativity and environmental consciousness.

The competition featured a captivating exhibition of handmade creations crafted from discarded materials. Participating students, numbering over 50 from various departments and colleges, presented their imaginative solutions to environmental challenges, highlighting their dedication to environmental sustainability.

Distinguished educators, including Dr. Archana Tiwari, Dr. Ansh, Dr. Vipin Pandey, Dr. Tanuka Chatterjee, and Dr. Utkarsh Mishra, lent their expertise to the event, further enriching the discussions on sustainability and innovation.

The program commenced with a warm welcome extended to the guests by Prof. Matrayi Priyadarshini and Dr. Vaishali Saxena welcoming chief guests brijendra pal singh and gopal upadhyaya. Gopal upadhyaya of lok bharti started the event with insightful dialogue on nature, traditional knowledge, and the importance of biodiversity .

Brijendra Pal Singh,chief guest , Rashtriya Sangathan Mantri of Lok Bharti, emphasized the significance of environmental sustainability, urging attendees to embrace the ethos of "Vasudev Kutumbakam" and foster a symbiotic relationship with nature.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Utkarsh Mishra, expressing appreciation to all participants, guests, and organizers for their invaluable contributions to the success of the competition.

Than program ended with presenting beautiful jute bags gifted by our special guest brijendra pal singh and gopal upadhyaya to all participants of the event .

The "Transforming Trash Into Treasure" competition exemplifies the University of Lucknow's commitment to nurturing creativity, fostering environmental consciousness, and inspiring positive change within the community.

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