Research Scholars explored the AI's Role in Accelerating Drug Development during Jigyasa Program at CSIR-CDRI Lucknow


Bureau chief R L Pandey 

Lucknow। The CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) Lucknow, hosted an educative event under the 'Jigyasa Program' aimed at equipping research scholars with comprehensive knowledge about the effective integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the domain of drug development. The event took place at CDRI's premises and around 200 students and Scientist attended the program. The event, organized under the umbrella of Jigyasa Program the spread the awareness towards the transformative potential of AI in the field of biomedical research. 

Artificial intelligence

Dr. Sanjeev Yadav, Coordinator Jigyasa Program and Senior Scientist, welcomed the event's keynote speaker  Shubham R. Londhe, Senior Software engineer in Vamstar UK and an expert of Artificial Intelligence and accomplished trainer. 

 Shubham Londhe, captivated the audience by elucidating the historical evolution of AI and providing a lucid explanation of the methodologies underlying AI systems. He elaborated on the pivotal role of data in the functioning of AI, showcasing how these algorithms process and learn from the data they are fed. Furthermore, he shed light on how AI discreetly monitors our daily activities, thereby enabling better decision-making processes. 

The highlight of Mr. Shubham discussion was his exploration of the current AI renaissance. He further highlighted an array of free and secure AI tools that are readily accessible, thus enabling students to embark on their AI journeys with confidence. Throughout the event, the speakers underscored that Artificial Intelligence is not about replacing humans, but about amplifying their capabilities and possibilities.

It was emphasized that AI is a significant leap forward for humanity, enhancing various aspects of our lives.  He illustrated the significance of AI in drug development, particularly in expediting the process of medicine formulation. Mr. Shubham substantiated his claims with real-world demonstrations of diverse AI tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Midjourney, Tome, Canva, and Humata.

These tools, he elucidated, not only enhance efficiency but also foster innovation in the drug research landscape.  

During his engaging presentation, Mr. Shubham underscored the potential of AI to revolutionize the conventional research methodologies, optimize resource allocation, and significantly cut down the timeframes required for drug discovery. This resonates with CDRI's ongoing commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to further advance the field of pharmaceutical research.

The event concluded with a token of appreciation and gratitude extended to Mr. Shubham Londhe from Director and CDRI Family by Dr. Sanjeev Yadav. The attendees left the event with a renewed understanding of AI's transformative influence on the drug development process, inspiring them to explore innovative avenues for their research endeavors.

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