Miss Jasmine Miss Punjab and Kapurthala participated for humanity and womans empowerment

Miss jasmine

Woman With Wings is back with a bang to invigorate you on the life story of Jasmine Rayat who went on  from doing engineering to winning the title of beauty pageant. 


She has formerly won the Miss Punjab and Miss Kaparthalla at Forever Star Miss India competition , where she had competition between 1000 contestants and as observed by her all the participants were very talented . Her intention to win this competition was to purport the message of equality , women empowerment . There is a common prejudice that women participate in Beauty Pageants only for the sole purpose of modelling or entering into television industry but in her case it was different she had participated in this to work for humanity subsequently for women empowerment then for equality .

She believes education has a huge impact on life.She also stated that she has learned a lot of things from her failure .She is a fan of BK Shivani , has learnt a lot of things from her .Her life’s turning point was when she heard that ‘You are nice to those people who are nice to you but you are also nice to those people also who have negative thoughts about you’.Her belief has gotten stronger more than ever after hearing this quote .

In everyone’s life there was struggle in her life there was hard work .She wants to give credit to her hardwork as she has seen a lot of changes in her life , 

She is presently working as Tv Anchor,Radio Jockey,Astrologer and Creative Management Head. She had first pursued BTech then MBA followed by doing a job in the IT sector then switched to the education sector . She never stopped , never  took rejection  in a negative way and left no stone unturned. She is thankful to her fan following who believes in her and is content with the feedback she receives from the supporters .


She has dedicated her crowns to her parents , brother and all those well wishers . God is the most important thing in her life as it has always given the right guidance to her . 


She wants to consecrate her life towards humanity and equality .

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