What is the secret ingredient in biryani? Chicken Mutton Biryani is why famous in USA

Biryani is made of Chicken or mutton in india ,and the most important thing is biryani masala recipe, biryani masala powder varies from place to place its is diffrent in hyderabad and in lucknow

Is Biryani Available in America ? Chicken Biryani in USA

Biryani is also famous in USA in indian restaurants now its become popular but the question is Do Americans know what biriyani is?

Does Americans eat biryani? Americans also love to to eat biryani

the indian food lovers who specially likes to eat indian foods in USA have some restaurants where the get chicken or mutton biryani the call it lamb biryani

Which is the best biryani restaurant in the USA?

The Best biryani in USA is claimed by many but few of them enriched with indian flavors Iin USA Biryani Kabob House in Los Angeles, is known for one of the best biryani in USA the other one is Indian King Biryani House in New York, New York

What does biryani masala contain? what the ingredients used in USA in Biryani

Best Biryani Masala in USA ,in USA the people like to eat biryani which is less spicy because they are health conscious so the try to eat less oil used in the ingredients and less spicy

Is Indian Biryani Healthy ?

Indian Biryani is healthy due to its spices chicken and mutton biryani is famous in INDIA the use of black peeper and cardamon ,cloves is the main ingredient of Biryani .

What is the secret ingredient of Hyderabad biryani?

The Hyderabadi Biryani is made of raw mutton or chicken together with rice and before cooking it is marinade with ginger garlic paste with chili and curd is used in Hyderabadi Biryani

Difference in hyderabadi and lucknowi biryani

Hyderabadi biryani is spicy and juicy ,hyderabadi biryani is full of saffron while lucknowi biryani is well marinaded and having taste of yogurts

which biryani is tastes better Is rice North Indian or South Indian?

the rice used in north indian biryani and south indian biryani ,south indian uses short grain in biryani while north india uses long grain biryani

Which part of mutton is best for biryani?

Indian biryani is used in mutton biryani leg of the goat or lamb is used for biryani peace's