Bollywood actress Kanchan Awasthi  appointed Avon Cycle's Brand Ambassador

Kanchan awasthi

Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow। Bollywood actress Kanchan Awasthi, hailing from the Golden City of East, Lucknow, is a renowned Bollywood Actor who rose to prominence in the entertainment industry by proving that her theatrical skills are nothing short of extraordinary. Her career, which started with a TV series on Doordarshan, took her to new heights. Her ability to adapt to different kinds of roles in various sitcoms and movies earned her substantial fame and recognition.

A versatile actor and winner of the Proud Indian Parliament Award, Kanchan Awasthi is the new

face of Avon Cycles. And, we take pride in having such a notable personality promoting our brand. There is no doubt that Kanchan Awasthi is a renowned Bollywood name. However, her love for acting is just a single facet that earned her fame. We introduce Kanchan Awasthi not just as an actor but also as a fitness enthusiast. She has been an inspiration for her followers and motivated a lot among them to incorporate a certain level of workout in their routine. Kanchan Awasthi's fitness mantra is bicycling. For her, bicycling is not a form of exercise but apassion.

Riding long distances, exploring varied terrains, encouraging cycling as a way to good
health, or going for a relaxed bicycle ride, Kanchan Awasthi finds liberation in taking off for a ride whenever she can.

Avon Cycles welcomes Kanchan Awasthi as part of the Avon family and looks forward to having a long-term association with a great personality like her. For us, she is not just the brand ambassador of our bicycles. Her influence will earn Avon Cycles recognition beyond just a cycle brand, where we will be identified as the promoters of good health and fitness.

Avon Cycles, a more than 70 years old bicycle manufacturer, has products for all age groups and gender. It has been producing cycles as per the preference of cycling enthusiast, including mountain bikes, electric cycles, geared cycles, roadsters, and hybrid cycles. With such an extended product profile, we would love to seize the opportunity to add fitness promotion to our profile and hence, we welcome Kanchan Awasthi, whose presence will greatly propagate our cause.

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