Creative Competence of teachers shall enliven ELT  in A.I. regime : says LU Professor

Creative Competence of teachers shall enliven ELT  in A.I. regime : says LU Professor
Creative Competence of teachers shall enliven ELT  in A.I. regime : says LU Professor
Uttar Pradesh desk Lucknow (R L Pandey).The  AI regime has opened hundreds of windows before the practitioners of English studies across the globe.  Professional excellence in any domain comes from the strategic planning of the work environment in sync with the philosophy of the work. Innovation and creativity with an unusual insight shall challenge AI's generic textual understanding, as far as the domain of English studies is concerned”, said Prof R P Singh from the Department of English,

University of Lucknow in his Keynote address to the “International Conference on Language and Language Teaching titled “Navigating Innovation: Striving to the Sustainable ELT”, organised by English Language Education Department Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Indonesia. He presented his model of Creative Competence in teaching  English. Contextual communication and related creation with critical thinking under the broader spectrum of creativity can evolve the English teachers as better professionals in the current global aspirations.

It is high time when we should break the monopoly of  western models, and contextualize our examples in our environment , be it in  any cultural set up. Language teaching warrants interdisciplinarity ,that is all inclusive . Material development from association of cultures can lead to sustainable models in ELT , he added while  presenting a Creative  model for the  Professional Development of Educators in English studies.

“Teaching in current professional set up is a management of strange heterogeneity .Professional, behavioral , corporate pressure, psychological pressures need to be managed well. Pedagogical tools are changing every new day The reference books are loosing their charms with every new arrival of technology. Here ,what comes as the constant support ? Our practical  understanding of affairs ,and the strategic monitoring of challenges with sustainable planning of thought and content,” he added. Talking  of the  sustainable skills in English language teaching, is looking beyond the  panes of class rooms and to follow the patterns of holistic , accountable and sustainable education that only a motivated and creative teacher can visualize . Efficient reasoning and effective governance are the bedrock for creating an integrated , enjoyable and engaging teaching -learning scenario, reiterated Prof Singh .

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