The Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, received the "Impact Assessment Report" booklet, prepared by the Director of IIM Indore, regarding "Operation Jagriti." 

The Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, received the "Impact Assessment Report" booklet, prepared by the Director of IIM Indore, regarding "Operation Jagriti." 
The Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, received the "Impact Assessment Report" booklet, prepared by the Director of IIM Indore, regarding "Operation Jagriti."
 Uttar Pradesh desk Lucknow (R L Pandey).Prashant Kumar, Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh was provided with the booklet of "Impact Assessment Report" prepared by Director IIM Indore in relation to "Operation Jagriti" by Mr Naveen Krishna Rai of IIM Indore. Praising "Operation Jagriti", Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh said that such programs increase awareness among women and girls about crimes against women and have a positive impact on the safety and empowerment of women.

The Third Party Impact Assessment of Phase-01 of 'Operation Jagriti' was conducted by Professor Himanshu Rai, Director of IIM Indore. The above assessment report has been prepared with the help of Dr. Bhawani Shankar, Dr. Shivani Sharma and Naveen Krishn Rai of IIM Indore. IIM Indore deployed research teams to survey seven districts in the Agra region.

The assessment report by IIM Indore notes that "Based on the evaluation of Operation Jagriti, it can be concluded that Operation Jagriti has made a significant positive impact on women's safety and empowerment at the grassroots level. Operation Jagriti ensured a wide and effective reach to the weaker sections of the society using vanguard staff of various departmets such as Beat Constables (Police Department), ASHAS (Health Department). Teachers (Education Department), Panchayat Secretaries (Panchayat Department) etc. and as a by-product also created harmonious coordination between all government departments. There was a clear role for each employee of different departments and an ongoing feedback mechanism. Success stories and wider media emerged during the program. The accolade indicates the impact of this program." Based on the suggestions given in the IIM Indore Assessment Report, the implementation of the programs of Phase-02 of Operation Jagriti is currently underway.

With the inspiration of Honourable Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh and under the guidance of DGP Uttar Pradesh, Mission Shakti campaign was launched in four phases in Uttar Pradesh which resulted in significant decline

in violence and crime against women. Taking inspiration from Mission Shakti campaign, ADG Agra zone launched Operation Jagriti.

'Operation Jagriti' (Intensive Community Outreach for Empowering Women & Girls for Safety and Awareness) program at Agra zone level is

being conducted by the police in coordination with UNICEF along with

other concerned departments like Health, Education, Rural Development,

National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), Women and Child

Development, (ICDS), Youth and Sports Department, psychologists/

counselors. It is focussed on 04 main objectives to provide support/

counselling to women victims of crime; to make people aware of the adverse

consequences of using women as shields to register false cases in land and

property matters; to make young men and women and their parents aware

about elopement, love relations and gender harassment and to provide them

counselling; to create awareness about the dangers of cyber bullying and
cyber crime.

With the above four objectives, 'Operation Jagriti' was implemented to

create awareness and motivation & provide support/counselling to the target
population through extensive outreach in all the 3924 Gram Panchayats and
all the schools-colleges and urban wards/slums of Agra Zone. Phase-01 of this campaign was formally launched on 01 November 2023 from Mathura district and then after district level and block level training, implementation was started at Gram Panchayat/School-College/Urban Ward level. Phase-01 of this campaign was implemented between 01.11.2023 to 24.01.2024 and Phase-02 of this campaign is being implemented between 24.06.2024 to 13.07.2024.

Under 'Operation Jagriti', more than 13 lakh people, mainly women and youth, have been made aware through grassroot community outreach programs in all 3924 gram panchayats, 2100 schools and more than 1600 urban wards of the zone. As per the data collected through Geo tagging in all 07 districts of Agra Zone, more than 12 lakh people participated, including 3,53,355 girls below 18 years of age, 2,99,119 boys below 18 years of age, 3,36,168 women above 18 years of age and 2,60,138 boys above 18 years of age. Many 'success stories' have been received during Gram Panchayat level awareness programmes, which revealed that "Taking inspiration from the programs of Operation Jagriti, many complainants have withdrawn false complaints.

Program has received good response on social media as well. About 6738 posts have been made through various social media platforms like X(twitter), Facebook, Instagram etc., in which more than 32 lakh views have been received. A large number of likes, shares and retweets have been done, 
As a result of the awareness program being run under 'Operation Jagriti', crimes against women have decreased in the districts of Agra zone. Influenced by this campaign, many success stories have been received so far in districts Aligarh-11, Etah-14, Hathras-06, Kasganj-01, Mathura-13, Firozabad-26 and Mainpuri-01, in which women/girls have withdrawn their false allegations made earlier. A significant decline has been recorded in the crime rate against women in the entire zone. To provide sustainability to Operation Jagriti, Jagriti chaupaals are being organized regularly by forming 'Jagriti Committees' at village, panchayat/ward level.

Operation Jagriti Phase 2 aims to ensure coverage of at least 40% gram panchayats of Agra zone, families living around brick kilns, staff of OYO hotels, railway colonies etc. On the basis of data from the first phase of Operation Jagriti, hotspots have been identified to ensure more effective implementation and further strengthen women's security and empowerment.

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