A Tribute to Dr. Nitya Anand: CDRI Gathers to Reflect on His Profound Influence and Enduring Legacy

Dr Nityanand

Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow। The CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) solemnly organized a condolence meeting at the auditorium to commemorate the life and contributions of Dr. Nitya Anand, an esteemed former Director of CSIR-CDRI and a legendary figure in Indian Drug Research, who passed away on January 27th. Dr. Anand, born on January 1st, 1925, in Layallpur, Punjab, leaves behind an unparalleled legacy in the realm of pharmaceutical science.
The gathering witnessed an assembly of scientists, staff, and research scholars, all convened to pay their respects to Dr. Nitya Anand. Dr. Randha Rangarajan, the Director of CDRI, delivered a heartfelt tribute, expressing the profound grief felt by the entire CDRI community at the loss of such an eminent figure.
Dr. Nitya Anand, the 4th Director of CSIR-CDRI, will be remembered for his monumental contributions, notably the development of India's first oral contraceptive pill, 'Saheli'. His pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to advancing drug research have left an indelible mark, inspiring generations of scientists and shaping the landscape of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.
Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Anand's contributions to drug research were unparalleled. From his early work on sulphones and sulphonamides for leprosy to his groundbreaking initiatives in synthetic drug development, Dr. Anand's impact reverberates across the realms of medicine and science.
With over 400 research papers, around 130 national and international patents, and the mentorship of more than 90 Ph.D. students, Dr. Nitya Anand's influence on drug research and development remains unparalleled. His dedication to excellence, coupled with his humanitarian spirit and humility, endeared him to all who had the privilege of knowing him.
Dr. Anand's passing is mourned not only by his family, including his children Mr. Neeraj Nityanand, Dr. Naveen Nitya Anand, and Dr. Sonia Nityanand, but also by a vast community of admirers, colleagues, and students whose lives he touched in profound ways.
The CDRI community stands united in grief as it bids farewell to a visionary leader, a mentor, and a true luminary in the field of drug research.

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