Self empowerment and one’s connection with others and the earth. 

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 Study hall college annual function

Thriving Together: Study Hall's annual concert inspires empowerment and creativity at Sant Gadge Auditorium

Bureau chief R L Pandey

Lucknow: Study Hall hosted its annual concert "I THRIVE, WHEN WE THRIVE" on the 22nd of November 2023 at the Sant Gadge Auditorium, in Gomti Nagar. Through the concert, the students conveyed a message of self-empowerment and one’s connection with others and the earth. 

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Ms Meenakshi Bahadur, principal of Study Hall, addressed the students and parents, said “Thriving, at its core, embodies the fusion of vitality and learning—a principle which is embraced by our school. From the concert’s theme which was introduced in April to their final presentation, the students amazed us all with their creativity and innovation.”

Dr Urvashi Sahni, CEO of Study Hall Education Foundation (SHEF) said “For over 37 years we have been focusing on holistic development of our students and drama, arts and music has always been a part of our core curriculum. Even the New Education Policy (NEP) aligns perfectly with our school’s vision and plays a pivotal role in encouraging new students to take more interest in creative fields like theater, dance, and music.”
The evening commenced with performances like "Aham Brahmasmi" "Surya Vandana"  "Ubuntu," "Symphony" "Bus Chalna Hai" and Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise” by the students. These performances left a lasting impact on the audience and the parents were able to connect to the message that the students were trying to portray. The evening reached its end with "Mangalam," a prayer for universal well-being, serving as a finale, with all audience members participating. 
Concluding the event, the Vice Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Shah, addressed the audience and said “The students and the teachers have worked very hard to make this concert possible. Their hard work takes all the credit and this concert is proof of how hard work and teamwork trumps all.”

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