Evil eye stone benefits ,A miraculous gem which fights evil eye? How does the evil eye charm work?

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How does the evil eye stone protect you?


“Prevention is better than Cure” is an old saying. You must have heard of the Evil eye, which refers to 
“Nazar Dosh”, “Nazar-e-Badd” or Bad energies such as inauspicious aura or evil spirits. 
It might happen to you that you suffer delays, unexpected hurdles and damages in your life after 
sharing your plans with someone. It generally takes place when you flaunt your happiness in front of 
other people. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you post something on social media you 
experience bad mood swings? 
All this is due to evil eye – “Nazar Dosh”. 
Being quiet,still and hiding yourself is not the solution. It would make you lifeless. 
If you have protections such as right gems, positive spiritual aura or you do religious remedies on 
regular basis then you are on the positive side of coin. But if it is not so

Evil eye stone protection

-which would take away all negativity from your life.
I would like to suggest you the use of Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a black stone that helps create 
a protective layer around you when it is worn as jewellery. According to Vastu-shastra, it acts
against negative or unwelcome energies as a barrier, halting them from entering your home.
Settle for statues and sculptures made up of original black tourmaline material.


evil eye stone precautions

Please note that it must be cleaned on a daily basis with proper methods.
Place your tourmaline stone over a soft cloth. Chant religious mantras 
and cleanse it with water. You may also opt to use sacred water to clean it on a regular basis.
If you are wearing it as a jewellery then make sure you wear it only when you are stepping out 
your home. After returning home, you must wash it with water. In this way all the negative 

Evil eye stone

What does the evil eye stone do?

energies grasped inside your tourmaline ornament will be washed away.
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