The success story of Rajni Katiyar .The Journey of  Acting ka bhoot ,Pavitra Rista fame Actress Rajni Katiyar   

The success story of Rajni Katiyar The Journey of  Acting ka bhoot Pavitra Rista fame Actress Rajni Katiyar   
Rajni Katiyar
Rajni Katiyar : we have the pleasure of interviewing Rajni, a multifaceted professional who wears multiple hats in the entertainment industry. As the co-owner of Mermaid Studio LLP, a dynamic media company, Rajni oversees the production and distribution of feature and short films across India |

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Her company's diverse portfolio extends to Commercial Advertisements and Documentaries. Notably, their recent release, the Hindi feature film "Most Common Budbak," garnered attention |

Beyond her role as a media entrepreneur, Rajni is a seasoned actress with experience in both Bollywood and regional projects. Now, she envisions expanding Mermaid Studio to her hometown, Lucknow, aiming to identify and nurture local talent while creating job opportunities for film production in Uttar Pradesh |

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Today, Rajni will share insights into her journey, the challenges of co-founding a media company, and her vision for the future of film in the region. I would like to inform the viewers that aapki khabar brings stories of the personalities who has achived something after struggle .Ms. Rajni is from Lucknow she is NCC C certificate holder . Watch video

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