8 Point Interim Election Manifesto @ Ram Uggrah Shukla, Candidate : Member, Bar Council Of Uttar Pradesh.*​​​

Ram vigrah shukla candidate up bar council.

*Chaitra Purnima, Hanuman Janamoutsav, 23 April 2024, 8.30 pm IST*

1. *Untimely / Natural Death Instant Online Transfer ( within 48 Hours ) Compensation To Immediate Family* based on District President & Secratary Authorisation / Recommendation for CoP Vetted / Verified Advocates.
2. *Age Limit Shall Be Abolished w.r.t. the Compensation* @ Current Age Limit.
3. *Health Insurance* Shall Be Introduced @ Lines Of Ayushman Bharat Cashless Card For All Advocates, based on verification / recommendation by District Bar President & Secratary for CoP Vetted / Verified Advocates.
4. *Advocate Protection Act* : Essential & Foundational Initiative.
5. *Cooperative Bank Exclusively For Advocates* (a). Loans @ Preferential Subsidised Rates 4% p.a (b). Untimely Death / Marriage & Education Of Children and for Critical Illness not covered in Ayushman & other Schemes, all expenses shall be Borne by the Cooperative Bank Exclusively for Advocates based on Verification / Recommendation of District Bar President & Secratary / CoP Vetted & Verified Advocates. (c) Bank will take Deposits From Institutional, Corporate Sponsors & Government Funds on Preferential Rates. 
6. *Exclusive Advocates Enclave In All Districts with inbuilt Chamber* 2 BHK Residences Group Housing shall be implemented in all Districts (a). Transparent Allotment and Use for such Advocates who do not have own Residence & own chamber, Allotment shall continue Till Payment Of Essential Consumable Services : Electricity, Water, etc. ( b ). Allotment will be on basis of No Ownership, No Tenancy Rights & No Rights To Possession and Valid Only If & Till the Advocate Has Own Residence & Chamber Arrangement : Allotment Based on Recommendation of the District Bar President & Secratary. ( c ). Primarily for those Advocates who are unable to Afford own Residence & Chamber in Initial Years of Practise and in some cases even after several years of Practise.
7. *Advocates Toll Tax Free Cards*: as per Verification / Recommendation by District Bar President & Secratary / CoP Vetted & Verified Advocates.
8. *Special Advocates Tribunal* : For All Advocates Matters

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