Draped in love Nita Ambani 

Nita ambani
Draped in love ~ Etched with the initials of her beloved Anant and Radhika, Mrs Nita Ambani dons the world-famous handloom kanchipuram saree designed by Swadesh, handcrafted by Artisans. 

She was seen thanking the Jamnagar Reliance Parivar for thier Love and Support during Anant and Radhika's Pre wedding celebrations. 

In awe of the divine elegance embodied in this saree, each intricate detail pays homage to the grandeur of temples, sacred edifices, and sculptures. Painstakingly crafted, it seamlessly weaves together a catalog of 102 traditional Kanchipuram silk saree motifs, creating a singular masterpiece that resonates with the rich tapestry of Indian heritage and craftsmanship.

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